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Love seat consistently held the leading position among all upholstered furniture. The secret of this sitting room system is its simplicity, reliability and the usual large enough that manufacturers often complementary functional drawers for linen and decorative cushions.
Double sofa can be safely called a classic furniture production. It perfectly fits in the interior of a small bedroom and a spacious living room interior.
Double sofa – a classic furniture production. It is appropriate in the interior of a living room and a small bedroom, which is so important economical space planning. Especially in small apartments, where both functions are performed by one room.
love seat upholstered in – the perfect choice for small rooms, hallways and kitchens, as well as the loft with verandas. They are unpretentious in content and are inexpensive, allow guests to arrange comfortable even for a miniature table. Upholstered furniture in our catalog presented remarkable two-seater sofa, what will help you relax and gain strength at the end of the day.
Double sofa – a popular model. He does not take up much space, but at the same time serves as a great place to relax and even sleep. If you go to buy it wisely, it will serve you for years to come and will delight you every day:
Choose a set of upholstered furniture based on its interior, so that he did not look in the room, “screaming spot” and not out of the general tone and varied color and match the style of the room.
Equipping a new apartment, buying furniture in the house or taking the situation in office, we almost always primarily reflect on the couch. After all, in essence, a sofa – one of the most visible and functional elements of the interior. It can be a place of conducting intense negotiations and the pleasant chat can be a bright accent to attract attention during the day and night to serve the wonderful comfortable bed. That’s why choosing a sofa is usually given so much attention.
Before buying it is important to determine what size should the couch. Of course, I would like to arrange the room so that it had a large number of seats, but if the area of the room does not allow it, it is better not to risk it and do not clutter the space. Double sofa – it is the ideal solution for small spaces. A double leather sofas now especially popular, because they are not only perfectly fit into the furniture ensemble, but also reinforce the impression of luxury and noble beauty, produced all interior composition.
Double sofas are a unique case of an effective combination of impressive compactness and amazing spaciousness, because small size double furniture allow you to set it even in the closest room, while maintaining incredible comfort and convenience of a standard sofa.

Frame models made of natural wood, plus a substantial selection of colors and harmonious tsvetodizayn – properly complement the overall positive picture and make a purchase double fabric sofa joyful and pleasant event.
Double sofa is characterized by its compactness. That is why it is perfect for a small apartment, and will save you a lot of space. It can easily be transformed, thus creating a comfortable bed. They also have nizhi for storing bedding, which again saves space.

In our catalog you will find a compact double sofas – a great choice for smaller rooms, kitchens and hallways, as well as porches and attics. They require minimal care and are inexpensive, can comfortably seat the guests even at a small table.
Folding double sofa is an excellent choice for the nursery. With him interior room will look more stylish and elegant. Without a doubt, almost any teenager would prefer to just such a luxurious alternative to a single bed.